Hey! I am Berk Oztuna, an Istanbul-born and raised musician. As a multi-instrumentalist musician playing guitar, handpan, and percussion, I have played in several bands and projects throughout my musical journey. Today, I am recording and producing my own music, mixing different instruments and genres while exploring the depth of the young instrument handpan.

I started my music career with guitar around the ages of 12-13. By playing in different bands and experimenting with different genres, mostly rock and blues-based, I got to know the instruments and music better and better. A few years later, we formed the band “Quantum” which succeeded quite in the Istanbul music scene. We won several competitions and got the attention of big producers who offered contracts to the band. Unfortunately, the band members went their own ways, and the group got separated because of internal conflicts.

That is when I started exploring different instruments and genres. I played santoor, cello, and percussion before meeting with handpan, which gave a different course to my musical journey. I started focusing on the handpan, exploring and pushing the limits of the instrument, and became one of the pioneers of the handpan community in Turkey. I played in various venues, festivals, yoga and meditation studios, and events in different countries.

I started recording and producing my own music a few years ago, mixing different genres and instruments. I knew about music production, but this experience got me into this world deeper and more professionally. My music is primarily led by handpan with the accompaniment of percussion, guitar, and electronic sounds.

For me, music is an expressive art that reflects my inner world with the organization of different sounds. I like to explore and take whatever I can from different musical approaches and music genres, but my main passion is jazz, folk, ethnic, and progressive rock music. Music is also a way to explore myself and create my own meditation with improvisation and momentary creation, which is the way I mainly compose and get inspired. As it is, music is a big part and key to my life, remaining as my biggest passion.

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