14 Best Sequencer Plugins For Creative Music 2024

14 Best Sequencer Plugins For Creative Music | pluginova.com

This article will discuss the best sequencer plugins with tons of free sequencers as well. Stay tuned!

Sequencers are a great way to add interesting variations and manipulations to your sounds, pitch, volume, and other parameters and create rhythmic patterns, melodies, bass lines, etc. They can add more movement and energy to your tracks and inspire better ideas.

You can also use MIDI sequencers for composing, arranging, and performing music and triggering live musical phrases. However, all sequencers are different and vary in functionalities and complexity.

That’s why finding the right sequencer is not easy! To make that process easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best sequencer plugins, both paid and free, both standalone software and DAW-compatible plugins.

Some are software synths with built-in sequencers, and some are dedicated sequencers. From modular to basic step sequencers, we have you covered in this list! Now, let’s dive right into it.

14 Best Sequencer Plugins For Creative Music 

Check SEQUND here


SEQUND is a MIDI-focused plugin designed for sequencing tasks that are devoid of generating sound.

The plugin is split into the Edit Window and Global Settings Window, providing tools for creating MIDI data sequences. The Edit Window boasts modular panels where various data attributes like Gate, Hold, Length, Chance, and Prob A/B lanes can be manipulated to craft intricate sequences.

Features & Benefits:

The plugin’s Edit Window allows control over Gate, Hold, Length, Chance, Prob A/B, Pitch A/B, Octave, Transpose, Velocity, and MIDI CC lanes for detailed sequence manipulation.

You get Pitch lanes for melodic patterns (Pitch A/B), alternate mode (Prob A/B), and octave, transpose, and velocity adjustments. You can also enable global control over clock division, swing, advance mode, and overall velocity, octave, transpose, and length settings.

The plugin can hold up to 12 patterns per preset, supporting real-time pattern switching and export functionality. In addition, you can do individual lane settings with play modes (forward, backward, pendulum, bi-directional, random), randomization, and length adjustments, which offer versatility in sequence creation.

SEQUND’s Scale Panel facilitates scale-based MIDI sequencing, offering scale and root key selection, transposition settings, and scale editing.


SEQUND is available in VST2, VST3, and AUv3 and is compatible with Mac OS 10.14 or higher (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only) and Windows 10/11 (64-bit only).

Check Auto Align 2 here

Sugar Bytes Nest

Nest is a versatile modular system that creates innovative and detailed MIDI parts.

Featuring 20 modules inspired by classic integrated circuits and modern computer functions, it’s a powerhouse for crafting intricate MIDI environments. With a focus on generating and manipulating triggers and numbers, Nest lets you build complex, self-generating music sequences.

It allows you to craft elaborate sequences with Classic integrated circuits that resemble Shift Registers and Multiplexers alongside modern programming tools like if/else and math modules, making it an ideal playground for evolving musical sequences.

Features & Benefits:

The intuitive voice assignment efficiently distributes eight MIDI voices among four sound generators, from VSTs to internal synths or MIDI channels. This feature makes hosting plugins fun and serves as a controller for hardware setups, maximizing Nest’s versatility in driving various sound sources.

Nest revolutionizes modular music creation without needing hardware components, offering access to the core elements of modern electronics. Free patching and experimentation unleash endless possibilities for creating beats, patterns, and intelligent musical constructs across multiple sound sources.

The plugin boasts two distinct pages – Wire and Sound. The Wire page allows patching with over 20 modules, enabling the creation of complex musical structures across 12 scenes. The Sound page receives these voices, freely assigning them to four channels and hosting internal synths, VST plugins, or MIDI outputs with a fine-tuning reverb for added depth.

Inspired by physical hardware modules, Nest integrates classic sequencing and logic ICs into its software. Rico Baade’s hardware background shaped Nest’s inception, drawing from the fun of working with modules like Shift Registers and multiplexers.


Nest is available in VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and standalone Application formats and is compatible with macOS 10.12 or higher (Apple Silicon M1 supported) (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only).

3. Devicemeister Stepic

Check Stepic here

Devicemeister Stepic

Stepic, a flexible polyphonic step sequencer and modulation plugin offers extensive modulation sequencing capabilities.

It enables parameter automation across various software synthesizers, presenting a primary sequencer window accommodating up to sixteen switchable steps. Each step can trigger notes within the chromatic scale or any specified scale.

Stepic lets you delve into detailed programming, configuring root notes, scales, note lengths, bar counts, and global parameters. It facilitates detailed sequencing across multiple synths or samplers, with additional control available in the settings window for randomization and swing functions.

Features & Benefits:

You can assign chords across steps within a six-octave range, ensuring adherence to selected scales to avoid atonal chords. Each sequencing window offers a dice roll option to randomly select slider values, enabling spontaneous octave, duration, velocity, and other parameter adjustments.

The plugin allows you to choose from 26 scales, including western scales like chromatic, major, minor, and others. You can even craft custom scales by editing the note selector adjacent to the scale options.

Stepic’s Probability Controls allow adding probability factors to note selection, refining generative playthroughs by controlling note randomness.

  • You can assign the plugin’s parameters to different MIDI controllers across various MIDI devices, offering hands-on control. The plugin’s automation page has eight lanes and sixteen steps for precise parameter manipulation, controlling MIDI values, length, and expression range.


Stepic is available in VST3 and AU formats and is compatible with Windows 7 or higher (for Windows) and macOS 10.14 or higher (for Mac). It integrates seamlessly with most popular DAWs except the latest Pro Tools versions.

Check HY-SEQ32 here

HY-Plugins HY-SEQ32

HY-SEQ32 is an advanced 32-step sequencer inspired by classic analog sequencers.

It is designed to generate evolving patterns through comprehensive parameter modulation. Its architecture includes five distinct sequencer modules (CC SEQ, Pitch SEQ, Oct/Tp SEQ, CC Rack and Param SEQ, CC Rack), each offering eight dedicated modulation controls, ensuring precise and extensive tweaking capabilities.

The plugin supports drag-and-drop modulation assignment, streamlining the workflow for seamless parameter control. With eight Macro knobs and eight snapshots per unit, it facilitates versatile preset management and creative exploration.

Features & Benefits:

Its pattern sequencer enables the chaining of unit snapshots, fostering seamless transitions and evolving sequences. Additionally, it offers Chord and Scale FX, a 5-track MIDI recorder, and a resizable interface for enhanced usability and flexibility.

Each SEQ/Rack unit boasts eight exclusive modulation units, each hosting three distinct modulation signal generators – LFO, Sample & Hold, and Probability LFO. You can employ any of these generators simultaneously per modulation unit instance, providing a rich palette for dynamic sound shaping.

Effortlessly assign modulation sources through a drag-and-drop method. By left-clicking and holding on to the cross icon, you can drag it to the small circle icon of the target parameter. Alternatively, right-clicking on the target parameter’s small icon and selecting the source modulator offers a convenient modulation assignment process.

The LFO (Low-Frequency Oscillator) functionality offers many controls for intricate modulation. You can select waveform shapes, synchronize the speed to the host BPM, choose from different sync modes (Normal, Triplet, Dotted), activate bipolar output range, invert the output, square the output, saturate it, and finely adjust parameters like rate, phase, offset, smoothness, and level. The Swing, Octave/Transpose, and SEQ ReStart/ReSync features further enhance creative modulation possibilities.


This plugin is compatible with macOS 10.12 or higher, supporting both Intel and M1 Apple Silicon processors in a 64-bit environment. It’s available for Mac users in VST2, VST3, and AUv3 formats. For Windows, compatibility spans from Windows 7 onwards in 32-bit and 64-bit configurations, supporting VST2 and VST3 formats.

Check Replicant 3 here

Audio Damage Replicant 3

Replicant functions as a tempo-driven delay effect.

It is distinguished by its beat triggers, dividing each measure into three to sixteen slices, each hosting a trigger when a slice’s trigger activates, Replicant loops and replays a segment of audio from that slice—a deviation from standard delays that repeats all incoming audio.

It operates in mono, stereo, or mono-to-stereo setups, where panning alters between channels accordingly. Replicant is an insert and send/return effect, offering varied signal processing modes. The interface presents controls in the upper segment, with separate sections for SLICE FX and EVENT FX effects.

Features & Benefits:

The third part of the Replicant series has various DSP advancements, as it introduces an intuitive GUI and now offers an adjustable number of steps per measure, ranging from 3 to 16, with diverse SIZE control modes spanning dotted notes to nontuplets.

Expanding its arsenal, Replicant 3 introduces DELAY, REDUKT, and RINGMOD slice effects alongside the original STUTTER. Including an ENVELOPE feature in Event FX allows seamless cross-fading between slices. Further enhancing control, it offers manual touchscreen triggering and MIDI-triggering for comprehensive slicing engine control.

Its waveform display depicts processed and unprocessed audio, showcasing a single measure regardless of the tempo—a visual representation in light blue and cyan, respectively.

Slice Effects like Stutter, Delay, Redukt, and Ringmod alter repeated audio. Stutter subdivides audio into beeps or buzzes; Delay offers tempo-synced echoes; Redukt and Ringmod offer lo-fi and metallic effects, respectively. Event Effects like Panner and Envelope manage automatic panning and volume ramps.


The plugin is available in VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP formats and macOS 10.13 or newer (M1 Apple Silicon supported) and Windows 8 or newer (32 / 64-bit) operating systems. For more information, check out its manual here.

6. Softube Modular

Check Modular here

Softube Modular

Softube Modular is a groundbreaking modular synthesizer plugin crafted in partnership with Doepfer.

It offers the essence of an analog modular setup with unparalleled sound, adaptability, and scalability. Starting with six Doepfer modules and over 20 utilities, Modular opens a universe of possibilities. Additional modules from acclaimed Eurorack brands like Intellijel expand the sonic palette.

Features & Benefits:

Experienced Eurorack enthusiasts will feel at home with Modular’s workflow mirroring physical modular synths. Beginners can benefit from curated presets, and step-by-step patching tutorials in the manual expedite the learning curve.

MIDI compatibility via the MIDI To CV/Gate Converter or DAW’s sequencer offers flexibility in creating stunning sonic landscapes.

Catering to both experts and novices, Modular introduces performance modules that allow real-time parameter control. With a limited set of intuitive controls, you can dynamically modulate any parameter across modules, enabling seamless studio production or captivating live performances. This feature empowers quick, on-the-fly adjustments for creative exploration.

Modular stands as a cross-platform standard for modular synthesis, authentically emulating modules from eminent Eurorack brands. Its true circuit emulation delivers hardware-equivalent functionality and sound quality. The extensive basic system includes a range of Doepfer modules and over 20 Utility modules, offering a comprehensive toolkit.

Boasting over 200 presets covering diverse styles, Modular is an effect and instrument, seamlessly integrating with DAWs and hardware Eurorack setups. Its high internal sample rate facilitates authentic feedback, ensuring a dynamic, responsive synthesis experience.


Softube Modular works with AU, VST, VST3, and AAX-compatible DAW and is available in Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11, macOS Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, and Ventura 13 operating systems.

Check HY-RPE2 here

HY-Plugins HY-RPE2

RPE2 is an advanced 8-track MIDI plugin boasting two distinct sequencer engines: Grid and Euclidean.

Its intuitive design and powerful capabilities offer seamless control over intricate rhythms and modulation, providing a dynamic musical composition and experimentation framework.

Its two powerful sequencer engines—Grid and Euclidean. Grid offers precise, customizable sequencing, while Euclidean’s drag-and-drop modulation assignment empowers intricate rhythmic manipulation with four LFO/Sample &Hold units and four Macro knobs/buttons, enabling sophisticated rhythmic expressions.

Features & Benefits:

Beyond its sequencer prowess, RPE2 presents a robust MIDI Recorder and MIDI Note Map, facilitating seamless integration and manipulation of MIDI data. The MIDI Learn functionality streamlines the mapping process, enhancing user control and efficiency while ensuring comprehensive MIDI-driven composition and modulation.

RPE2 features a resizable interface that adapts to your preferences and workflow. Its intuitive design promotes ease of use, allowing musicians and producers to focus on crafting intricate rhythms and modulations without constraint or limitation, ensuring a fluid and engaging sequencing experience.

RPE2 allows precise control over eight tracks, each containing eight grid blocks. The sequencer provides playback direction options (forward, backward, random), step size adjustments, and block chaining to control the order of grid block playback.

The Euclidean sequencer includes step size, pulse, rotation, velocity, gate, and probability settings per sequencer unit, allowing intricate parameter modulation via LFOs, Sample&Hold, and Macro controllers.

Chord Mode in the plugin triggers up to 5 notes simultaneously, and chord notes can be edited, generated, or shifted using dedicated tools. You also get the step mode that allows parameter value setting for individual steps, enabling detailed and varied melody patterns.


RPE2 is available in VST2, VST3, and AUv3 and is compatible with macOS 10.12 or higher (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported (64-bit only) and Windows 7 or higher (32/64-bit).

Check Freezr here

Audiomodern Freezr

Freezr is a dynamic Freeze sequencer plugin that revolutionizes audio manipulation and sequencing.

Its standout feature is capturing and sequencing audio segments in real time, enabling expressive and innovative performance manipulation. This plugin empowers you to create infinite rhythmic stutters, fostering boundless creative avenues within sequencing.

Features & Benefits:

Freezr’s prowess centers on its ability to generate or remix various patterns, emphasizing a stereo/mono mode and housing two individual sequencers for comprehensive sequencing capabilities. The Remix mode allows on-the-fly remixing and editing, while a Complexity slider offers nuanced control over rhythmic movement.

You can craft intricate sonic variations with a Filter Module and customizable Sequence Range. MIDI controllability via MIDI Learn mode, a Signature Infinity Mode, and the unique Quick Load Remixes feature—saved alongside presets—offer unparalleled sequencing flexibility and creativity. Each pattern is distinct, ensuring an infinite range of unique sequences for innovative musical exploration.

You get a versatile 4-effect chain, offering a selection of effects including delay, chorus, stutter, crush, drive, pan, filter, cabinet, and rotator. You can craft intricate sonic textures by chaining and customizing these effects to sculpt your sound.

Access a dedicated tab switch for quick navigation between the cabinet and rotator effects. Seamlessly toggle between these settings to fine-tune and precisely transform your audio output.

The ‘Hold’ feature is for freezing and manipulating specific audio segments, coupled with ‘Quantize’ and ‘Velocity’ settings for precise and controlled sequencing. These tools empower you to create and sculpt rhythms with enhanced accuracy and expression.


This plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, AUv3 & Standalone and is compatible with macOS X 10.12 or later versions and Windows 10 and higher.

9. Glitchmachines Tactic

Check Auto Align 2 here

Glitchmachines Tactic

Features & Benefits:

The plugin boasts a curated bank of over 600 samples and 115 presets. In addition, you can also load personal samples for bespoke creations and explore separate sample packs for diverse sonic landscapes.

Tactic lets you load up to 8 samples simoultaneously. You get control over essential settings like coarse, fine, start, end, and amp to tune each sample’s characteristics finely. Moreover, Tactic provides extensive control over tempo, start, coarse, pan, attack, decay, and size settings for refining the ultimate sound output.

Tactic enriches the creative process by granting access to virtually every parameter as an automation and modulation target. This allows intricate modulation scenarios through the host application’s automation facilities, elevating possibilities for nuanced sound design. You can also assign a probability between 0 and 100% on each of the 16 steps of the step sequencer.


Tactic exhibits broad compatibility across operating systems, supporting macOS 10.12 onwards, including M1 Apple Silicon, specifically in 64-bit format. For Mac users, the plugin is accessible through VST3 and Audio Unit formats. On Windows systems, Tactic operates efficiently in VSt3 format on Windows 8 and newer versions, provided they are 64-bit.

Check Phrasebox here

SVenomode Phrasebox

Phrasebox functions as a MIDI-based musical phrase generator.

Phrasebox diverges from traditional sequencers, granting precise note timing, length control, and velocity adjustments akin to a DAW. Each note offers transposition flexibility, including a random chance feature for note activation. Besides note patterns, you can also manipulate MIDI controller data across eight assignable controllers and design intricate musical elements like piano parts, synth filters, and pitch bends for optimal melody crafting.

Features & Benefits:

The plugin’s piano roll maps pitch order and offers unique note options (e.g., loudest or quietest), enabling precise note selection. You can also utilize the ‘Lock To Key’ function for transpositions that stay in the key of your song, while the controller window adds versatility with MIDI CC data output.

In addition to handling note patterns, Phrasebox allows transmitting MIDI controller information. You can craft a diverse range of elements by utilizing eight assignable controllers, from incorporating a sustain pedal for piano-like dynamics to automating synth filters and pitch bends, shaping an impeccable melody line.

Phrasebox offers 16 distinct sequencing phrases that expand creative possibilities. With step settings allowing up to 32 steps per sequence, you can intricately craft complex and detailed musical patterns.

Its speed settings empower you to control the tempo finely. The plugin’s innovative features include random velocity, transpose, and octave adjustment ranges. Coupled with the ‘chance’ slider, these randomizations infuse an element of unpredictability, enriching compositions with organic nuances and artistic depth.


Phrasebox is compatible with Windows 7 or higher (32/64-bit), macOS 10.7 or higher (64-bit), and Ubuntu 18.04 or higher (64-bit), available in VST2, VST3, and AAX formats.

11. Audiomodern Riffer

Check Riffer here

Audiomodern Riffer

Riffer is an intelligent MIDI instrument that can craft musical riffs and sequences by combining pitch, duration, velocity, and density sequencing.

Its sequencer and piano roll interface provides intuitive controls and zoom capabilities, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience in your music production journey. Riffer introduces the power of randomization, offering a versatile approach to creating musical phrases and progressions. The randomization process generates unique musical outputs within those boundaries by setting initial parameters like scale and rate.

Features & Benefits:

Riffer’s lock feature preserves selected parameters from randomization. The Infinity mode adds dynamism by enabling randomization after specific playback durations, which is ideal for live performances.

The sequencer interface of Riffer boasts an array of controls for fine-tuning sequences. You get quick access to ‘shuffle’ and stutter features, root note control, and the ability to lock specific notes and steps from randomization that enhance precision. Its preset tab facilitates loading and swift application of up to 16 presets for each Riff, streamlining workflow.

Riffer lets you control pitch, duration, and volume note by note. You can adjust notes individually or in steps, pause or sustain, and fine-tune patterns.

The plugin allows you to export MIDI, transpose entire patterns, and load presets effortlessly. Features like quantize, shuffle, and shift, as well as advanced modes like Infinity, sequence range, and motion settings, help you explore more musical possibilities.

You also get to define ranges for pitch, duration, and velocity, save and load custom patterns, send MIDI to any device, and utilize an advanced MIDI CC editor for detailed control, relishing every creation’s uniqueness.

Lastly, Riffer’s GUI is resizable, attractive, and easy to navigate.


Available for Windows 7 or higher (32-bit & 64-bit) and macOS 10.12 or higher (64-bit only, M1 supported), Riffer comes in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for maximum integration within various music production setups.

Check Consequence here

Sugar Bytes Consequence

Sugar Bytes Consequence is a versatile arpeggiator, sequencer, and synthesizer fusion.

Consequence offers full control over each oscillator by boasting three distinct and independent synth engines. Loading presets, tweaking ADSR parameters, and sculpting your desired sound using the filter section give you diverse sonic potential adaptable to any music genre.

Features & Benefits:

Unconventional yet powerful, the plugin’s chord sequencer emphasizes modulation and performance elements. You can modulate synth engines, add glide and gate effects, adjust clock timing, and infuse global swing levels and randomization for dynamic sequences.

Consequence elevates your soundscape by combining Reverse, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, and Reverb effects. It also features a compressor, a basic kick drum for beat referencing, sidechain functionality, and recording options that add depth to your production.

You can transpose entire sequences and fine-tune sounds for perfect integration with other instruments during performances.

Consequence’s arpeggiator offers two distinct modes: Relative and Absolute. When set to “RELATIVE,” the arpeggiator’s direction shifts based on the last played note, ascending or descending from the current position. Conversely, in “ABSOLUTE” mode, direction changes invert the arpeggio, introducing note leaps that enhance melodic complexity. This diversity allows for varied musical progressions, departing from the closest note to the preceding one.

The plugin’s RESTART menu governs the arpeggiator’s reset behavior, influencing the flow of melodies. This setting permits the arpeggiator to run continuously, generating extended and unpredictable melodies. Alternatively, it allows precise restarts at specific intervals, providing control over sequence progression, including play initiation, block completion, MIDI note arrival, or mode alterations.


Compatible with Windows 7 or higher (64-bit) and macOS 10.9 or higher (64-bit), Sugar Bytes Consequence supports VST2, AU, and AAX formats.

Check Hive here

u-he Hive

Featuring a one-page interface, Hive is intuitively designed for seamless sound creation reminiscent of hardware synths.

With three distinct synthesis engines – Normal, Dirty, and Clean – Hive crafts diverse sonic characters. Its unique unison mode, oscillators, and filters provide immense sonic depth. Nestled within its array of features is a sophisticated arpeggiator/sequencer combo, allowing live MIDI recording, modulation control, and expressive sequencing.

Features & Benefits:

The synth offers a multitude of modulation sources and targets wrapped in an easy drag-and-drop modulation matrix, making sound sculpting effortless.

Hive’s centerpiece is a sophisticated arpeggiator and sequencer fusion. You get a 16-step sequencer with Gate, Velocity, Mod (expression), and Transpose controls.

The arpeggiator can be turned on/off, and you can set its direction, order, and bars, after which you want to restart the arp pattern, octaves, and Clock Division/multiplication.

Featuring a modulation matrix with six units on every page, Hive allows connections between modulation sources (LFOs, MIDI controls, envelopes, etc.) and an array of targets, optionally via a secondary modulation source. Each unit allows the assignment of 2 targets, each with its dedicated depth control for modulation. Five modifiers per target row provide options to shape, rectify, quantize, sample/hold, or slew-limit the modulation signal—offering profound control without complicating the workflow!

The Shape Sequencer within Hive allows for intricate modulations and rhythmic pattern creations, presenting a user-friendly approach to crafting rhythms almost like a game. Divided into four Shape Modulator lanes (A, B, C, and D), each operates independently with its unique settings dictating how the active cells in that lane sequence. This feature enables diverse triggering and varying speeds across these modulators.

Within Hive’s hexagonal interface, you’ll discover an array of 7 diverse effects: Distortion, Reverb, Equalizer, Chorus, Delay, Compressor, and Phaser.

With Hive, you can explore a vast library of over 2,700 presets spanning genres – from aggressive EDM leads to ethereal pads.


For Mac users, Hive operates on macOS X 10.9 or newer, providing support for both Intel and M1 Mac systems and catering to 64-bit architectures exclusively. Its versatile compatibility extends to AU2, VST2, and VST3 formats.

Windows users can enjoy its functionality on Windows 7 or newer, with compatibility for 32-bit and 64-bit systems through VST2 and VST3 formats.

Check Playbeat 3 here

Playbeat 2 is a straightforward 16/32-step groove randomizer for drum sequencing.

As a sibling plugin to Riffer, it shares several core features like the dice roll, Infinity setting, and overall interface. A single click on the dice roll randomizes steps, rate, pitch, velocity, and more, simplifying the process. You can easily load samples or kits from factory presets to kickstart your creativity.

Playbeat boasts eight independent sequencers, enabling real-time pitch shifting, Density controls, flam strokes, Volume, Pan, and more. In addition, it offers infinite pattern combinations and remixing options.

Features & Benefits:

Playbeat offers dual functionality. The first module allows you to load samples directly or use it to trigger external drum machines. The second one lets you save and export MIDI effortlessly, ensuring seamless integration elsewhere and preserving your creative grooves as presets for future use.

You get four simultaneous patterns in the plugin, enabling complex and evolving drum beats such that you can map each row and step to trigger loaded samples on drum machines or racks for versatile rhythm creation.

You get flexibly mapped MIDI output routing to connect and control other drum sequencers, plugins, synths, or hardware gear, expanding the range of creative options.

The plugin allows you to utilize the Export tab to save stems or complete patterns in MIDI or WAV formats through simple drag-and-drop functionality. Audiomodern has created a flexible system that emphasizes ease and functionality.


Compatible with Windows 7 or higher and macOS X 10.12 or higher, available in VST, VST3, AU, or AAX formats.

10 Best Free Sequencer Plugins

Check HY-SEQ16 here

HY-Plugins HY-SEQ16

HY-SEQ16 by HY-Plugins is a free analog-style step sequencer offering extensive sequencing capabilities.

Its 16-step sequencer units and scalable window interface provide a user-friendly environment for precise control over sequences. The plugin includes a robust preset manager, undo/redo functionalities, and a value randomizer, making it versatile and adaptable to various musical applications.

Features & Benefits:

HY-SEQ16 features buttons for Mute, Tie, R (Random Step Slider Values), C (Clear all step slider values), velocity adjustments, and probability settings ranging from 0 to 100.

The sequencer settings also offer key and scale adjustments, allowing for fine-tuning and creative exploration.

Each sequencer unit comes with a multitude of functionalities. The sequencer control section provides options to power individual units on/off, set clock curve shapes, and determine running directions, offering forward, backward, or randomized sequencing. Additionally, the Rnd Panel facilitates randomizing or clearing step values with customizable ranges and triggering actions.

HY-SEQ16’s  SetAll Panel enables the simultaneous adjustment of step values, offering a streamlined approach to setting parameters across all steps. Meanwhile, the Rot/Dup Panel allows you to rotate or duplicate step values, facilitating rapid experimentation and pattern development.

For precise control over step values, the Step Value Control section grants control over pitch, octave, gate length, velocity, probability, and more, offering detailed adjustments step-by-step.

Settings in HY-SEQ16 include global octave settings, transpose values, swing levels, scale modes, and root note adjustments. The plugin allows locking scale settings and provides multiple scale modes for added flexibility.

Sequencer units 2 and 3 are designated for controlling SEQ1 parameters or serving as modulation sources. You can assign parameters and control modulation depth, expanding the plugin’s creative potential.

The plugin’s clock curve editor allows you to create and apply curve shapes for controlling sequencer clocks, enabling versatile clock behavior customization.


HY-SEQ16 is only available in VST plugin formats, in 32- and 64-bit depth.

Check Transition here

CodeFN42 Transition

Transition introduces a unique approach to MIDI sequencing by employing generative techniques.

The plugin uses autonomous bots to navigate a matrix of cells until they encounter specific conditions like walls, obstacles, or other bots. As in, the bots traverse the matrix and trigger notes or chords upon hitting a wall. The musical output is based on the cell’s scale degree and octave settings. MIDI notes can transpose the output within the chosen scale.

Features & Benefits:

You get customizable settings, such as numerous editable parameters that control bot behavior and the MIDI output they generate. Randomization features add unpredictability, with most settings available for automation.

Transition offers diverse musical possibilities, from chaotic, random results to a more traditional step sequencer, providing a creative and enjoyable means of generating musical ideas.

The plugin encapsulates an extensive array of controls, ranging from Velocity and Gate to Swing, Speed, Randomization features, Wobble, Wrap settings, and Probabilities (Bot, Obstacle, Movement, and Note), providing you with a comprehensive toolkit to sculpt the behavior of the bots within the matrix and manipulate the resulting musical output.

With the ability to modulate note dynamics, alter gate lengths, introduce swing, control bot speed, and movement probabilities, induce randomness, and dictate obstacle encounters, Transition offers a rich and versatile platform to craft intricate generative sequences.


Transition is only available in VST plugin formats, in 32- and 64-bit depth.

Check GATELAB here

Audiomodern GATELAB

Gatelab is an innovative gate sequencer and volume modulation generator that introduces many controls to shape musical sequences.

It offers two distinctive modes: “Flow,” facilitating volume modulation, and “Gate,” activating the gate sequencer. The Flow mode facilitates volume modulation via vertical sliders, while the Gate mode activates the gate sequencer through interactive slider clicks, offering distinct ways to craft sequences.

Features & Benefits:

Gatelab’s Infinity Mode generates new patterns in loops, and Density Mode splits steps for rhythmic depth. Disintegration and Grow modes disassemble and build sequences within defined playthroughs.

It features three randomization modesSettle, Normal, and Complex—drive sequencer motion, while directional options like Forward, backward, and Ping-Pong diversify sequences.

The plugin’s preset-saving options—traditional and Quick-Load slots—ensure seamless pattern recall. The settings panel provides MIDI customization, MIDI CC channel selection, and Ableton Link integration for iOS. MIDI Learn empowers you to link physical controls effortlessly to Gatelab’s parameters for dynamic control.

Gatelab offers comprehensive controls over Velocity, Gate, Swing, Speed, Randomization, Wobble, Wrap, Bot probability, Obstacle probability, Move probability, and Note probability. This intricate control allows you to craft nuanced and complex rhythmic patterns and melodies.


GATELAB is available in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, iOS, and standalone plugin formats (64-bit) and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.12 or higher and Windows 7 or higher operating systems.

Check BigSeq2 here

Audio Damage BigSeq2

BigSeq2 is a versatile Multi FX gate and sequencer boasting 12 sequencers intricately controlling 10 effects organized within six blocks.

From crisp staccato gate sequences to sweeping filter shifts, it delivers diverse sonic possibilities. Its modular design lets you rearrange effect blocks effortlessly, offering complete control over effect routing.

Features & Benefits:

BigSeq2’s workflow is simple. Each block hosts a gate and modulation sequencer, influencing various parameters within the block for tailored sound sculpting. The six blocks housing ten effects can be intuitively rearranged, each equipped with a step sequencer, modulation sequencer, and unique time base.Independent gate and modulation sequencers per effect block enable diverse time signatures and step durations, offering unparalleled rhythmic variations. Each block in the plugin offers tweakable parameters via dedicated modulation sequencers, allowing dynamic control over effect nuances.

You get twelve sequencers that feature forward, reverse, and random step modes, with the option for complete randomization at selectable intervals, enabling compelling modulation and gating possibilities.

BigSeq2 encompasses a decent range of effects for a free plugin, like fuzz, chorus, sine warp, VCA, delay, pan, chorus, flanger, multi-mode filter, frequency shifter (also offering ring mod and phasing), sample rate reduction, bit depth, and the unique “Error” effect.


Transition is available in VST and AU plugin formats, in 32- and 64-bit depth.

Check SeqCollection Free here

HY-SeqCollection Free

HY-SeqCollection Free is a comprehensive MIDI step sequencer with an interesting workflow.

With Pattern Snapshot, Pattern Chainer, Step Rec, Undo/Redo functionalities, and a robust Preset manager, it ensures versatility in your sequences. This plugin boasts resizable interfaces for a personalized experience.

Features & Benefits:

You can choose among five modes (Acid, Dark, M5816, Step16, Hexa) tailored to specific sequencing styles.

Within the plugin menu, you can access presets, manage folders, reset settings, and navigate to external pages effortlessly.

HY-SeqCollection Free lets you utilize MIDI note inputs to control pattern changes and transpose values instantly. You can record the step and assign MIDI controllers to sequencer parameters for convenient control.

With three modulator types—LFO, StepSeq, and GridSeq—you can modulate sequencer and MIDI parameters, infusing dynamic movement and variation into your compositions.


HY-SeqCollection Free is available in VST and AU plugin formats, in 32- and 64-bit depth.


Check B.Oops here


B.Oops is an LV2 plugin designed for glitch effects, boasting a sophisticated sequencer to control an array of effects in real time.

You can use it in live performances with dynamic and eclectic textures. It allows you to seamlessly integrate glitch effects into performances using step sequencer patterns, and offering control over a diverse range of 24 effects such as distortion, tape stop, stutter, and phaser.

Features & Benefits:

The plugin lets you flexibly assign up to 12 effect slots and freely select effects, alter their order, and engage randomization across three different modes for an ever-evolving sonic palette.

There are various control modes in the plugin—autoplay, host-controlled, or MIDI-controlled sequencer—alongside dedicated customization options and parameter controls for each effect, including gate and mix knobs, play, loop, and stop functions.

The plugin allows seamless playback controls with play, loop, and stop functions, allowing you to dictate the rhythm and timing of effect applications within compositions or performances.


The plugin is exclusively made for the Linux operating system and is available only as an LV2 plugin.

Check MPS2 Free here

HY-MPS2 Free Version

HY-MPS2 Free is a versatile block-based sequencer offering three-step sequencer blocks that generate MIDI note events.

The playback order is managed by the Block Chainer, a 16-step sequencer controlling the sequence of these blocks. Crafting MIDI sequences involves combining these blocks with customizable running directions and step sizes, representing various musical divisions.

Features & Benefits:

The plugin features modulation control via a modulation engine and matrix comprising four modulation units, each housing five engines for comprehensive parameter manipulation.

You can independently adjust the running direction and step size for each of the eight available sequencer blocks, offering precise control over musical divisions and movement within compositions.

The plugin allows you to utilize four modulation units with five engines each, including LFOs, probability-based LFOs, step LFOs, multi-point envelopes, and sample & hold for comprehensive parameter modulation and MIDI control.


HY-MPS2 is available in VST and AU plugin formats, in 32- and 64-bit depth.

Check ESG here

HY-Plugins ESG

HY-ESG, crafted by HY-Plugins and introduced by Bedroom Producers Blog, is a dynamic sequenced gate plugin employing an Euclidean sequencer to manage its distinctive gating effect.

This plugin encompasses a versatile set of modulation options and a resizable interface with a comprehensive preset manager, providing an intuitive gateway to creative gate sequencing.

Features & Benefits:

HY-ESG boasts an Euclidean sequencer at its core, orchestrating rhythmic gate patterns precisely.

HY-ESG empowers you with three LFOs and S&H modulation generators. These sources allow intricate modulation possibilities, offering diverse waveform shapes, rates, and synchronized or free-running modes.

Including an ADSR envelope provides fine-tuned control over the attack, decay, sustain, and release of the gated effect. This envelope-shaping capability allows for nuanced adjustments in how the gates open and close, contributing to the overall dynamics and feel of the sound.

HY-ESG offers a resizable user interface designed for convenience and flexibility. This intuitive interface and undo/redo functionality ensure a seamless workflow. Additionally, the built-in preset manager streamlines the organization and access to saved configurations.


HY-ESG’s  VST, VST3, and AU format compatibility, alongside 32-bit and 64-bit support, ensures seamless integration across Windows and macOS platforms.

Check Harvest Mini here

Harvest Plugins Harvest Mini

Harvest Mini is a versatile MIDI sequence generator and can craft melodies, chords, and drum patterns.

You can easily choose scales and preset rhythms. The “Regenerate” function offers endless variations. Tap rhythms with the mouse or adjust notes on the piano roll for customized arrangements and seamless integration into musical compositions.

Features & Benefits:

The plugin’s Rhythm Tap allows you to physically contribute to the beat feel. Whether tapping via mouse clicks or hardware mapping after setting sequencer adjustments, this interactive feature amplifies engagement.

Its randomization tools operate within set session boundaries, ensuring changes stay within your determined scale or step sequence for a workable outcome.

Despite limited effects, the plugin’s simplicity opens new creative paths. It aids MIDI creation and musical phrases, leaving space for later creative processing.

Harvest mini’s bars knob allows you to craft sequences spanning 1 to 16 bars. Meanwhile, the Note Length feature provides precise control from 1/64 to 1 bar, enabling the creation of intricate rhythms or prolonged notes. Additionally, the Octave Control spans from -4 to +4 octaves.


This plugin is available for Windows 7 (with SP 1) or later and macOS X 10.7 – macOS 10.13 and comes only in VST format.

Klangmanipulation MIQU 2.0

Check MIQU 2 here

Klangmanipulation MIQU 2.0

MIQU 2.0 is an advanced and free MIDI step sequencer by Klangmanipulation. 

MIQU 2.0 boasts eight sequencer sections covering various parameters. Its customizable sequencing includes variable step counts (up to 16), adjustable directions, and speeds for individual sections.

Features & Benefits:

You can choose from sequencing direction modes like forward, backward, bounce, random retrigger, key run, randomize, and pattern shift for each section, allowing diverse pattern creation.

In addition, you can access 3 MIDI-LFOs that sync seamlessly with your tempo, adding dynamic modulation possibilities to your sequences.

The plugin consists of a pitch rescaler featuring a capture mode, enabling intuitive adjustments and fine-tuning pitch elements to suit your compositions.


MIQU 2.0 is available in VST plugin format and works only with Windows OS, in 32- and 64-bit depth.

3 Extra:

Sample Logic Animation Station

Check Animation Station here

Sample Logic Animation Station

The Animation Station is an arpeggiator and sequencer designed to complement your preferred instruments.

You can send MIDI data to any instrument you like, whether specific bass instruments or synths. Open it up, adjust settings, or select from numerous presets, and swiftly craft musical phrases tailored to your preferences.

This plugin caters to diverse musical needs, be it creating orchestral pieces, laying down drum beats, fashioning realistic guitar riffs, or sculpting mind-bending synth melodies. In total, it has 750+ presets.

The Animation Station stands out with its user-friendly interface and seamless workflow, including drag-and-drop features for MIDI export.

Features & Benefits:

The Animation Station offers two views—the standard linear view and the circle viewsharing identical controls and parameters. You can manipulate up to 64 steps and exercise control over each sequence element and step. Whether you manually configure step count and sequence settings, utilize categorized presets or opt for global parameter randomization, there are many options to shape your musical ideas into MIDI data or directly onto an instrument.

The arpeggio engine is powered by adjustments in rate, arpeggio type, note duration, transposition, velocity, and stutter effects. Its straightforward interface makes it accessible for beginners while streamlining workflow and focus for seasoned users.

You can manually select specific interface elements for randomization or opt for global randomization across all components. Advanced settings allow global amount, mode, scale, and more adjustments. The randomization feature is a useful tool to spark inspiration for new compositions or refine existing ones.


This plugin is compatible with Windows 7 – 10 (32/64-bit) and macOS X 10.11 (64-bit only) and is available in VST, AU, or AAX formats.

Check Thesys here

Sugar Bytes Thesys

Thesys stands out for its unique workflow and its built-in synthesizer.

You can also pair it seamlessly with any instrument you choose. You can transpose notes, apply pitch effects, create harmonies, chop up notes, and randomize different parameters on each step. Thesys also offers a range of presets for effortless and time-optimized applications.

Features & Benefits:

Thesys features a powerful modulation engine that transforms progressions into dynamic musical phrases. The MIDI learning function facilitates seamless integration with various instruments and effects. You can easily map Thesys parameters to control selected instrument parameters through MIDI learning.

The plugin lets you access different trigger modes for initiating and stopping audio. Options include using the ‘host’ application, ‘note toggle’ to halt the sequence with another keyboard note, and ‘note on’ to trigger the sequence while holding a note.


This plugin supports Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only) and macOS X 10.7 or higher, including Apple Silicon M1 support (64-bit only), and is available in VST2, AAX, and AU formats.

Softube Modular Add-On: Vermona Random Rhythm

Check Vermona Random Rhytm here

Softube Modular Add-On: Vermona Random Rhythm

The Softube + Vermona, Random Rhythm module, is a creative blend of a robustly crafted sequencer with passionate and alluring aesthetics.

Created in collaboration with Vermona, this dual-channel trigger sequencer, faithful to the original hardware, unleashes unbridled creativity within the Modular realm. While its name hints at randomness, there’s methodical precision behind the tech, which we will look at in the key features.

Features & Benefits:

It empowers you with four sliders per rhythm section, a dual-channel trigger sequencer, and the capability to preserve patches’ presets, fostering boundless creative exploration. The sliders, aligning with note values, influence the probability of note appearance in generated sequences.

You can switch between real-time mode for continuous generation of random values per note value or dice mode for generating values across a complete 3/4- or 4/4-bar.

The plugin lets you easily synchronize your sequences with other elements in your composition using the ‘tempo tap’ button.

The plugin has a swing knob that lets you add rhythmic variation, allowing for nuanced and dynamic sequences.


The Vermona Random Rhythm module is compatible with macOS versions Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, and Ventura 13, as well as Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows 11. It seamlessly integrates with AU, VST, VST3, and AAX-compatible DAW host software.


I hope the list helped you make your choice. However, if you’re still confused, I hope this roudup works for you! KORG opsix, Arturia Acid V, u-he Hive, and Sugarbytes Consequence are some synthesizers covered in the list that also have a comprehensive sequencing section.

Out of these, opsix features a 16-step Polyphonic Motion Sequencer, while Acid V features a 64-step sequencer. If you’re looking for a sequencer-focused plugin with a supported synth, go for Consequence. However, if you’re looking for a comprehensive synth with a good sequencer, opsix is a versatile and expansive option.

If you want something for your modular rack, you can consider the Sugar Bytes Nest and the Softube Modular Add-On: Vermona Random Rhythm. Next, Glitchmachines Tactic is a great sample-based sequencer.

Further, HY-ESG by HY-Plugins is good for fx-based sequencing, while Harvest MINI is great for beginners. HY-SEQ16 has multi-channel output and is great for MIDI-based sequencing, both software and hardware.

Further, Animation Station stands out as a probability and generative sequencer. Next, HY-MPS2 offers advanced programming options with multi-effect sequencing, and B.Oops offers glitch effect sequencing with features like live application of effects, making it suitable for dynamic live performances.

SEQUND is suitable for complex rhythmic arrangements and dynamic pattern creation, making it great for intricate beat programming. Replicant 3 is known for its glitch effects and slicing capabilities.

Further, Freezr is also a glitch sequencer that excels in creating frozen effects, stuttering, and glitchy textures.

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